Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle #46: Rocks + Box With Ball On Top - (First Posted Unsolved)

Thanks to Bear for sending in this new cap photo.

While the answer was up for debate - the first person to contact us with the answer was Bear - the fine feller who sent this picture in.

Difficulty Level: 6 - on 1-10 scale
This Mickey's cap puzzle has two symbols:

1)Rocks - Stones
2)Ball on top of box

ANSWER: Rock On!

DECIPHERED: rocks thus 'rock' - ball is on box thus 'on.

"I was just staring at it and it hit me: ROCK ON!" - Quote from Bear's email.

Thanks to Bear for sending the photo and asking for help - then man-ing up and answering it first. Yes, also props to 'Anonymous' who posted the same correct answer in the comments below, but after email from Bear was sent for the official record books.


Yancy Common Man said...

I think I got this:


steak + out

steaks - ball 'out' of box?

Anonymous said...

It's "rock on"

Crazyrob13 said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it's rock out

Corey James said...

Rock steady