Monday, November 30, 2009

CALL FOR HELP - Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 17: Cat + Beckoning Finger/Shaking Hands + Head On Fire

This one is stumping us all. Sent in my a reader - can you help? Picture is fuzzy - but is of cat, a finger saying 'come here'/shaking hands, and the head with fire.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 16: Ring + Figure Pointing At Themself + Bell

This Mickey's cap puzzle has three symbols:
2)Figure pointing at themselves

ANSWER: Ring My Bell

DECIPHERED: ring + figure pointing at itself thus 'my' + bell

Respect to Blak2oof in Vegas for the latest pix!

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 15: Blame + Maple Leaf Symbol

This Mickey's cap puzzle has two symbols:
2)Maple Leaf

ANSWER: Blame Canada (see South Park Movie)

DECIPHERED: blame + maple leaf thus 'Canada' - This is a satirical spoof of the South Park Movie song, not a knock on Canada.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 14: D + Ants + Y + Oar + Horse + Light Switch

This Mickey's cap puzzle has six symbols:

1)Letter D
2)2 Ants
3)Letter Y
4)An Oar
5)Horse type animal

ANSWER: Dance Your Ass Off!

DECIPHERED: D + 2 ants thus 'dance' - letter Y + oar thus 'your' - hrse is a mule which is also an ass thus 'ass' - light switch is off thus 'off'

Thanks to Blak2oof for the pic!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mickey's Cap Puzzle 13: Answer from Blak2oof in Las Vegas

Unbelivable. This cap which has driven countless people mad was solved within 5 minutes by Blak2oof in Las Vegas. Asked for a statement on his work he replied "well id like to thank all the people who made it happen and where there for me".

ANSWER: You drive me crazy

DECIPHERED: letter U + golf ball teed up thus 'drive' + figure looking in mirror thus 'me' + letter C + stack of hay + Y thus 'crazy'.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mickey's Beer Cap 13: Help Us Solve This

We received a tough cap photo via email and are asking for your help solving this one. The second symbol is a golf tee, then a me/my symbol and the symbol in the bottom is an ice cube.

Please use the comments button below or email with the link on the right column if you can help.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mickey's Cap Puzzle 12: Socks/Booties + Phone Receiver With Voice Lines

This Mickey's cap puzzle has two symbols:

1)Pair of booties (look like shoes/socks)
2)Telephone receiver with voice lines

ANSWER: Booty Call

DECIPHERED: Booties symbol thus 'booty - phone has voice sound lines thus 'call'

Mickey's Cap Puzzle 11: Hand + Woman's Head + F + Ace Card

This Mickey's cap puzzle has four symbols:

1)Hand with finger pointing
2)Woman's head/face
3)Letter F
4)Ace playing card

ANSWER: Poker Face

DECIPHERED: Hand is poking at woman's head thus 'poker - letter F + ace card thus 'face'.