Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 15: Blame + Maple Leaf Symbol

This Mickey's cap puzzle has two symbols:
2)Maple Leaf

ANSWER: Blame Canada (see South Park Movie)

DECIPHERED: blame + maple leaf thus 'Canada' - This is a satirical spoof of the South Park Movie song, not a knock on Canada.


Anonymous said...

WTF... I don't care what movie it comes from it is still a put down of Canada. Especially since the buy American fiasco... sorry but this Canadian is now going to research her purchses better and the Millercoors company can forget our business.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was blame marijuana...what movie do you speak of?

jusstin smarterthanyou said...

nobody wants your dirty canadian money anyways. fuck you

Anonymous said...

Couldn't it mean "blamable"? Blame + maple sounds kind of like blamable.

Anonymous said...

I agree!