Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cap Puzzle 2: Donkey - Arrow Pointing To Hair - Box With Ball Coming Up

This Mickey's cap puzzle has three symbols:
2)Arrow pointing to hair on a head
3)Box with a ball shooting out & up

ANSWER: Ask Her Out

DECIPHERED: donkeys are also called asses thus "ask" - arrow pointing to hair thus 'her' - ball is shooting out of box thus 'out'


Anonymous said...

Why the arbitrary "k" sound? I came up with:

1. Ass
2. Wig
3. Ball with arrow pointing up out of the box.

A swig out of the box.

Like drinking box wine straight out of the box. Classy.

Unknown said...

Don't. Wig. Out. ?

Unknown said...

Mule wig out

Bonnie C. said...

Ass hair out is what I was struck with lol

Jeo Salinas said...

Ass hair removal