Monday, October 26, 2009

Mickey's Beer Cap Puzzle 7: Haystack, 2 Circles, Arrows, & ER

This Mickey's cap puzzle has three symbols:

1)Haystack and Pitchfork
2)2 Circles with arrow to big one
3)Arrow pointing to tip of arrow + er

ANSWER: Hey Big Tipper

DECIPHERED: haystack thus 'hey' - arrow on big ball thus 'big' - arrow on tip of other arrow thus 'tip' + er thus 'tipper'

Thanks to CoolKidCarlson for the photo!


Anonymous said...

I think it means "Hey Oliver" Don't know why but the circle looks like an olive....couldn't quite make that out

Dave R C said...

I said "Farmers Daughter". The hay and pitchfork for "Farm" and the circles, big one with a "dot" on it. The two arrows signifying each solitary word with "er" on it. But doesn't account for the "s" at the end of "farmers" so IDK.

Doory McFly said...

Straw berry pointer