Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mickey's Beer Cap Puzzle 18: 2 Balls + Clock + Start Button + R

This Mickey's cap puzzle has four symbols:

1)2 Balls - One large, one small with arrow to big one
3)Start Button (like a playstation)
4)Letter E

ANSWER: Big Time Player

DECIPHERED: arrow to big ball thus 'big' - clock is 'time' - playstation button is 'play' plus E thus 'player'.

Props to Blak2oof for the photo!


dee jay said...

Its an R not an E

Anonymous said...

Pillow time player?!
Peel + O time play + R

tkerg said...

Big time player

Angela Goldstein said...

I’ve seen the same symbol for big on other caps, so sorry, not pillow.