Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 21: She + DJ & Turntables + Single Figure + Circle With Arrow-Tipped End

This Mickey's cap puzzle has four symbols:

2)DJ spinning turntables
3)Single figure
4)Circle with an arrow tip-end

ANSWER: She Spun Me Around

DECIPHERED: she + dj/turntables thus 'spun' + single figure thus 'me' + arrow end on circle thus 'around'


Anonymous said...

she spins me round

Anonymous said...

She sucks me around

Anonymous said...

She spinsucks me round. ding ding ding

Unknown said...

She spins me right round

Whodini the great!! said...

She jerks him around!!! Lol

Richard Cortez said...

SHE. Spin/ sheepskin. Cleary a dude withe some thing round/condom. SHEEPSKINCONDOM LOL

Richard Cortez said...

Spins me right round might be a close second