Monday, March 22, 2010

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 52: Bus + Letter T + Group of Sport Balls

Difficulty Level: 3 - on 1-10 scale
This Mickey's cap puzzle has three symbols:

1)Bus Symbol
2)Letter T
3)Assorted Sports Balls

ANSWER: "Bust Your Balls"

DECIPHERED: bus symbol plus letter t thus - bust - multiple sports balls thus 'your balls'


jbizz said...

its cant come hotheaded

Anonymous said...

Cat Scratch Fever

Anonymous said...

I agree
it's Cat Scratch Fever,
and awesome song from the 70's!!

Anonymous said...

It's busty balls, not bust your balls

Anonymous said...

Could it be "Kitty come blow my mind"?

Anonymous said...

its bust some balls

Anonymous said...

It's bust balls

ryan bourgeois said...

It's cat scratch fever. The hand is sign language for X. not two hands shaking

Anonymous said...

Its Just -> "Bust Balls"

It CAN NOT 'Bust Your Balls'... If it were 'bust your balls' In Between those symbols; there would be a symbol of an oar (boat oar), with a "Y" in front of it.. Symbolizing the word 'YOUR'

..... Rookies

Anonymous said...

Yes, cat scratch fever!

The picture in the middle is not two hands shaking, but one hand, balled into a fist (with the thumb tucked under four of the fingers), and with the index finger extended and bent, as to scratch.

Anonymous said...

i agree, Cat Scratch Fever