Monday, March 22, 2010

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 53: Arrow Button + Letter N + Electrical Wall Outlet (same cap as post #50 - flipped view)

Is this right? We are confusable. Is this picture inverted?

We got schooled on this one by a sharp reader.
"Adam said...Actually, the cap's upside down. The real answer is Plug and play."

Difficulty Level: 4 - on 1-10 scale
This Mickey's cap puzzle has three symbols:

1)Electric Wall Outlet
2)Letter N
2)Start/Go Button(Playstation)

ANSWER: "Plug and Play"

DECIPHERED: electrical oulet thus 'plug' - letter n thus 'and' - start button thus 'play'.


Anonymous said...

"bust balls" according to Mickey's website.

Anonymous said...

Why would the N be backward?

Anonymous said...

over and out

Anonymous said...

plug N play

Anonymous said...

Clearly a misprint, save it forever!!