Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 40: Eye + M + W/ + Brain Inside Circle With Slash

Difficulty Level: 9 - on 1-10 scale
This Mickey's cap puzzle has four symbols:

1)Eye Symbol
2)Letter M
3)W/ Symbols
4)Human Brain Symbol Inside Circle With Slash Across

ANSWER: I'm With Stupid

DECIPHERED: eye symbol thus 'I' - letter M thus 'am' - W/ thus 'with' - circle has slash over a brain meaning no brains thus 'stupid'.

Another Blak2oof photo contribution!


Anonymous said...

And this took me 10 seconds, how is this rated 9 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

don't be a dick

Anonymous said...

don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

I'm with stupid that was hard.

joseph hall said...

it looked like a hoof, i immediately went with I'm Without you - im w/out shoe

Unknown said...

I'm with no brain

Unknown said...

I’m with no nuts