Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mickeys Beer Cap Puzzle 41: M + Ocean Wave + Spatula/Hair Pick + T + Oar

It took our friend Blak2oof about 5 minutes to decipher this - we don't want to say how long we stared at it before he saved us with the answer. This is perhaps the most difficult cap puzzle we have posted yet.

Difficulty Level: 10 - on 1-10 scale
This Mickey's cap puzzle has five symbols:

1)Letter M
2)Ocean Wave Symbol
3)Hair Pick - Looks Also Like A Spatula Symbol
4)Letter T
5)Oar Symbol

ANSWER: Motion Picture!

DECIPHERED: M and ocean wave symbol thus 'motion' - symbol is a hair pick + T + oar thus 'picture'


Anonymous said...

This took me less than a minute. Not that hard.

anna mcteer said...

I agree this was a tough one! I was stuck on that ocean looking like a duck and the answer being mucked cards

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I thought the pick was a paint brush...

Unknown said...

Haha. I thought it was a paint brush too. I was so stumped on this one. My first thought was nothing what it truly is. Didn't even make sense. Thank god for blogs and things.

Anonymous said...

Motion Picture.